our goal


Our goal is to provide First Nations with effective community & HR solutions to help with the challenges of today.  We are confident that we can assist you.

flexible solutions

Flexibility Designed Around Your Schedule and most if not all budgets.

Our community and HR solutions are designed to be flexible to suit your unique needs and accommodate your schedule. In addition to being respectful, Okimaw believes that training & advisory services must be practical, solve problems and demonstrate real results. We want to partner with you to help your Nation to lead people into a prosperous and bright future.


At Okimaw we have 3 areas of practice:

01. Professional & Workforce development

Elevate your career with our range of human resources programs, spanning introductory, intermediate & advanced levels. Our customized human resource training takes it a step further, tailoring content to your organization’s unique needs. Explore our core programs that go beyond HR, fostering well-rounded professional growth.

02. Organizational development

Shape the future of your organization through strategic planning that defines your path to success. Gain fresh insights into your operations with our comprehensive organizational reviews, leading to streamlined processes. Stay up-to-date and compliant with policy updates and development, cultivating a culture of efficiency and adherence.

03. Workplace Cultural audits and mediation

Foster a harmonious workplace culture through our cultural audits, uncovering strengths and growth areas. Resolve conflicts effectively with our mediation services, promoting collaboration and understanding among team members. Create an environment where diversity thrives and differences are transformed into opportunities for growth.


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