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secretariat support

What is Secretariat Support?

Okimaw’s Secretariat Support team aids your existing staff. Our Secretariat Support service is designed to keep decision making in your hands while giving you the use of expert researchers and experienced managers to successfully execute your key projects.

Okimaw can aid in decision coordination to ownership/leadership projects big and small. We can also coordinate in person or online.

Okimaw works with leadership and communities to create visions and develop strategies to realize those visions:

Project Supports

We will provide advice and assistance to your project by overseeing administrative duties such as compiling data for reports, creating agendas, taking meeting minutes, coordinating meeting with non-government and government officials, researching potential funding and or grants, researching fundraising outlets, conducting follow ups, etc.

Strategic Planning

We will collect and review your old strategic planning documents to explore and define your future vision.

We will also identify goals, objectives, and suggestions to create or update your current strategic plan to help ensure a stronger organization for the future.

Community Planning

We will review, define, and explore your vision, mission, goals, policies and provide advice that will help in assisting in the development of your community planning as you see fit.

Emergency Planning

We will work with indigenous organizations to develop strategic planning documents that include emergency preparedness and business continuity.

Our goal is to assist your organization to be better prepared to respond to a crisis and align their strategic direction with annual action plans that will promote a stronger organization for the future.

Land Use Planning

We will work collaboratively with you on the use of land that you are interested in obtaining and or maintaining by researching and obtaining the proper endorsement and overseeing the administration.

Flexible Service Options:

•Monthly retainer, adhoc
• Project based ongoing support

Funding Support

Our community and HR solutions are designed to be flexible to suit your unique needs and accommodate your schedule.

In addition to being respectful, Okimaw believes that training & advisory services must be practical, solve problems and demonstrate real results.

We want to partner with you to help your Nation to lead people into a prosperous and bright future.


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