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Organizational Reviews

What is an Organizational Review?

An organizational review gives you an opportunity to step back and examine your organization, understand key issues, gather intelligence, develop insights, and lay the foundation for a strong and stable organization that is empowered to carry out its mandate.

Why conduct an Organizational Review?

  • Enhance the Services of your Organization
  • Develop and implement effective Structure
  • Close gaps that exist in programming for improvement
  • Implementing a Strategic Plan for greater Functionality

Our Methodology

Our methodology is a 120-day process to obtain valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect its performance.

It is conducted to achieve an independent perspective on areas of organizational competence, continuous improvement, opportunities, and potential risks to the organization.

This is achieved in 4 phases:

Phase #1: Project Planning and Launch meeting

Allowed appropriate consideration and validation of the scope of review, key personnel to interview, resources mobilized to conduct the review and intended outcomes.

Phase #2: Data Gathering

Interviews and information collection to gather data on current operations.

Phase #3: Review and Analysis

The broad objective of our analysis is to identify major themes emerging from the consultation and information review and seek opportunity areas for the community to implement adjustments and recommendations to further enable future success.

Phase #4: Reporting

We present the Report, its findings and recommendations to the Chief and Council.

Key areas of focus during an Organizational Review:

Legitimacy & VoiceDirections & FindingsPerformance
Effectiveness & CompetenceManaging and Controlling FinancesPersonnel

What is the cost?

Cost varies on the size of the review and can range from $35,000 to $120,000. It is dependent on the size of organization. The funding can be 100% attained for First Nations that wish to conduct an Organizational Review.

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