Sudhir Sandhu

Sudhir was born and raised in India. Prior to settling in Treaty One territory, he lived in the City of Chandigarh. As the youngest of five siblings, Sudhir had the benefit of a supportive environment that fostered learning and a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Following completion of high school in Winnipeg, Sudhir attended the University of Winnipeg and obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics. Sudhir was elected to the University of Winnipeg Students Association and a liberal arts school complemented his progressive social upbringing. Sudhir subsequently continued his formal education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree.

Sudhir worked at the City of Winnipeg as the City’s Manager of Labour Relations and Employee Compensation. During his tenure with Winnipeg, Sudhir negotiated significant agreements with civic unions including a multi-party agreement to introduce paramedics on fire apparatus and the introduction of a police cadet force with the Winnipeg Police Service.  The former is now known worldwide as the ‘Winnipeg Model” and the cadet auxiliary force has resulted in significant savings for Winnipeg.

Sudhir has subsequently served as the Director of Labour Relations at for the Manitoba Nurses Union, the Executive Director of Corporate and Community Services at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and the CEO of Manitoba Building Trades. Sudhir joined Okimaw Community and HR Solutions and lends his strategic experience to support good governance and strategic initiatives in First Nations and Indigenous organizations.

The colonial history of Sudhir’s country of his birth has made him very sensitive to the inter-generational and enduring impacts of colonization and he works actively to help mitigate the impacts of colonization on Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. Sudhir takes a strong interest in sustainable development that is based on equitable economic opportunities to allow all people to reach their fullest potential