Janice Roulette

My traditional name is ‘Warning Cloud Woman’. I am a member of the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation in Manitoba. I am married 20+yrs to Lance Roulette and blessed with 3 wonderful children. Remaining grassroots at heart, I strive to help nations become a success story.

A proud member of the OKIMAW team, I am part of a membership with Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA) MB & AFOA Canada with nearly 20 years’ experience in finance exercising the highest level of integrity & professionalism. The intrinsic and extrinsic value I bring to our clients is clarity, business acumen and understanding of our commitments. I gain satisfaction when all nations we represent reach their maximum potential in taking on the ever-changing aspects of business, and how we conduct ourselves. My passion is elevated when we achieve together as individuals and as a nation; a reflection of our successors whom we represent at the regional and national platforms.