Carla Jamison

Ms. Carla Jamison serves as Client Relations Coordinator of Okimaw Community & HR Solutions and is from Treaty 8 and Blueberry River First Nation, in British Columbia. She has had the opportunity to live in various communities throughout western Canada, from Vancouver to Regina, and cities in-between.

Carla has over 25 years of life experience with an extensive history in client relations and sales. Over the last few decades, Carla has had direct and indirect experience in radio and real estate. She has honed her skills in sales, marketing, client relations, senior administration, and advertising as a media marketing executive and director of digital sales, specifically Indigenous radio. She brings expertise in communication and interpersonal skills at all levels. Carla has a natural ability to connect and build positive long-term partnerships and relationships with clients, team members, and communities.

Carla has always had a strong focus on her career in sales, marketing, and client relations. She enjoys the connects and work she has done with the Nations throughout Canada. Carla is also passionate about raising her children to be self-aware individuals who are eager to learn their Indigenous and Dutch cultures. Always wanting to learn, Carla is consistently looking for new educational opportunities, whether it is through being part of a project or post-secondary.